Monday Funday!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was doing a 30-day Nutritional Cleanse by Isagenix.  Although a bit pricey, it has really transformed our lives.

This cleanse involves “shake days” and “cleanse days.”  Shake days consist of having two absolutely good tasting shakes as meals and then having a “clean” meal that consists of about 600 calories.  Throughout the rest of the day, you can have healthy, clean snacks such as veggies, some fruits, nuts, etc.  These snacks should only be about 10-15 bites.  Shake days are fine, but some days, especially when exercising and doing Insanity, I just want to hit the floor.

Cleanse days involve:

  • Isogenix drink
  • 4 “Cleanse for Life” drinks
  • 3 very tasty Isagenix Delights (a small piece of chocolate with amino acids)
  • 8 IsaSnacks (which remind me and look like these heartworm pills that I used to give my dog when I was a kid).  These are these little chocolate type wafers that are really disgusting and have a pretty bad aftertaste and get stuck in your teeth.
  • Lots of water

Honestly, though, the cleanse days aren’t too terribly bad and overall the 30 day cleanse has been trucking along and will end in a few days.  My spouse and I continue to talk about what reward we will treat ourselves to on day 31.

This is about a lifestyle change.  I used to drink 3-4 sodas a day and since day 1, I’ve been able to go to 0.  Not a single cheat and I don’t miss it at all.  We did have a couple days that we had family in town that we had a meal that we shouldn’t have, but that’s life.  Overall, I think we’ve done excellent.  I’m down 16 pounds and feel great, don’t really crave sweets or sodas as I once did.  Sure, we miss eating out at some of our favorite places and PIZZA!

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