Poker Anyone!?

So, my son (10 years old) came to me today asking me to teach him how to play poker.  I love the game, but I started questioning his motives and telling him it’s a real tough game to learn and there are many types of poker.

Well, digging to the root reason of why he wanted to learn was that he “wanted to win all of my money.”  I like his ambition and it definitely put a smile on my face.

Instead, we played the game “Left, Right, Center” and used quarters instead of the little chips.  After 4 games of using three quarters each game, he lost all four.  Visibly upset and wanting to play more to win his money back, mom and dad was able to teach a valuable lesson tonight about gambling.  In the end we gave him his money back (he’s only 10) and I think he learned a good lesson on gambling.

I wonder if he’s still going to want to learn how to play poker!?

Author: Gale

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