Cardio Exercises To Improve Your Overall Health

Exercises that help you achieve cardiovascular fitness are ideal for your health. The best cardio exercises are those that help you reach your targeted heart rate in the process of exercising.

To know your heart rate during exercising, position your thumb underneath your wrist to locate your pulse. Count the pulses for fifteen seconds and multiply that number by four.

That number that you get is your heart rate. To determine your ideal target heart rate, subtract your age from two hundred and twenty.

Everyone likes to perform in their preferred way. Nevertheless, here are some easy exercises that help to successfully achieve the desired heart rate and prove to be among the best cardio exercises.

Walking As Exercise

Walking is an easy exercise that most certainly suits diverse lifestyles over a wide age group. Almost anyone can do it. For deriving the most out of it, you should start at a slow rate, shift to a medium pace and then walk briskly to gradually build up the tempo and achieve the desired heart rate.

A simple way to increase resistance while walking would be to go over an incline for increased heart rate. There is a feel good factor associated with walking and is the best cardio exercise that may be made more enjoyable by walking with a friend.

Bicycling Exercise

Bicycling exercise also poses no restrictions on age and people of nearly any fitness level may do that. Bicycling exercise benefits by way of building your strength and agility.

As in the case of walking, you can find your best heart rate target by gradually increasing the resistance. Bicycling exercise despite being one of the best cardio exercises is one exercise which is least likely to make you feel bored.

Swimming Pool Workout

A workout in the swimming pool is an ideally suited exercise for full body exercise and provides cardiovascular fitness also. You should appreciate that water exercises are not hard on the joints as the water helps to support the body while offering natural resistance in the process.

For having a balanced workout, you should use different strokes or varying lengths to workout on different muscles. Swimming is surely one of the best cardio exercises as it facilitates reaching your targeted heart rate in a lesser time.

Elliptical Exercises

Elliptical exercisers allow you to have one of the best available cardio exercises. The benefits of exercising on an elliptical are quite similar and comparable to working out in the swimming pool. Both forms of activities provide cardiovascular and full body fitness.

The movements caused by the use of elliptical exerciser are very natural and complement normal body movements thus making the workout feel easier. Elliptical exercises offer a safe workout by reducing harmful stress and acting forcefully on your muscles & joints.

The period of any cardiovascular fitness exercise should be for at least twenty minutes and may be continued for a maximum of sixty minutes. Keep a check on your heart rate during exercising and get to know the perfect heart rate you should target.

To get to know your target of perfect heart rate keep increasing your speed or resistance. That enables you to derive the maximum benefit from the cardio exercise.

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