Such a sad event

My thoughts and prayers are with the Americans that died in Orlando.  We are living in a world that is in a free fall.  We are living in a world that has dissolved into something unrecognizable.  We are living in a world that has a religion that has been taken advantage by some to inflict terror on our way of life.  We are living in a world that our leaders fail to recognize the problem and makes use of such a tragedy to further their agenda.

Let’s take a breath and look at what has happened before blaming any religion or item, such as a gun.  Let’s take a look at ourselves and figure out why we are in a moral decline.

Let’s talk to our children and get back to teaching them right from wrong, quit mocking peoples religious beliefs, and go out and talk to our neighbors.  Let’s bring back the America that was so great when I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s.

I’m going to make use of my new outdoor living space and invite my neighbors over and hopefully, we can build back our values and community one neighborhood at a time.

Poker Anyone!?

So, my son (10 years old) came to me today asking me to teach him how to play poker.  I love the game, but I started questioning his motives and telling him it’s a real tough game to learn and there are many types of poker.

Well, digging to the root reason of why he wanted to learn was that he “wanted to win all of my money.”  I like his ambition and it definitely put a smile on my face.

Instead, we played the game “Left, Right, Center” and used quarters instead of the little chips.  After 4 games of using three quarters each game, he lost all four.  Visibly upset and wanting to play more to win his money back, mom and dad was able to teach a valuable lesson tonight about gambling.  In the end we gave him his money back (he’s only 10) and I think he learned a good lesson on gambling.

I wonder if he’s still going to want to learn how to play poker!?

Crappy Tile Layers

Ahhh.  As they say, “you get what you pay for.”  Just got done tearing out 4 brand spankin’ new tiles from our bathtub surround.  We just had the tile redone to get rid of the 1980’s pink tile.  It looked somewhat decent when they completed the job.  It wasn’t perfect, but the pink tile was done.

The other day I went to put the bathtub faucet knob back on and noticed that it wouldn’t turn on all the way.  Why, you ask?  The dips put two thick of cement board under the tile and the wall was too thick for the faucet to operate correctly.  So now, I get to pay a plumber to reposition the valve.

You’re probably asking right about now why I didn’t just go through the drywall behind the tub?  Well, it’s a brick exterior wall on the other side!  Good times and the joy of hiring probably not the best folks to do a job.  Don’t let it happen to you!

Monday Funday!

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was doing a 30-day Nutritional Cleanse by Isagenix.  Although a bit pricey, it has really transformed our lives.

This cleanse involves “shake days” and “cleanse days.”  Shake days consist of having two absolutely good tasting shakes as meals and then having a “clean” meal that consists of about 600 calories.  Throughout the rest of the day, you can have healthy, clean snacks such as veggies, some fruits, nuts, etc.  These snacks should only be about 10-15 bites.  Shake days are fine, but some days, especially when exercising and doing Insanity, I just want to hit the floor.

Cleanse days involve: Continue reading “Monday Funday!”

Dogs and carpet . . . Why!?

So, as I mentioned on my “About Me” page, we have two dogs.  They have (mostly) been the love of our lives for over 13 years.  They’re getting old (13 and 11).  With age comes some interesting things.  Different smells, different sounds, different temperaments, and, for one of them, becoming crazy scared of thunderstorms.

DogsAbout 4 years ago, our changed a bit and for some reason, wouldn’t wait until we got home to go potty.  We installed a doggie door (because she can’t handle being crated) and everything was fine.  That was until about last year.  Now, when we have thunderstorms, she will not go outside.  Usually, she will go hide in the closet.  When she has to go potty when we aren’t home. . . forget it.  She find a great place to relieve herself.  Although we have laminate and tile throughout the house her favorite place is right smack dab in the middle of your living room rug.

Last week, she relieved herself about 5 times in the exact same place.  We thought the rug was going to be garbage.  We scrubbed and scrubbed and no matter how much product we used or which type, it still smelled horrible.

Thankfully, my good buddy, Joe, pointed me to a great company to get our rug cleaned (shout out to:  To tell you the truth, carpet cleaners aren’t my favorite type of business people.  You know . . . the ones that have that great coupon and they show up and say, “well that’s extra because your carpet is beige or dirty” and then they up sale you and you end up spending twice as much as you thought you would?  LOL.  I can say, though, these guys won’t.  Give them a shout if you’d like.  You, most likely, won’t be disappointed.

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I’m back.

Sorry for the delay, folks.  I set up this page and had some issues with my hosting site getting verified.  It was one of those days yesterday.  I received an email and it told me to call them.  I did. Waited on hold for 30 minutes and had to give up because I had another commitment.  I later tried to do the online chat, only to find out that I couldn’t verify the account via chat. That was only a waste of 20 minutes of my time!   I finally got verified over phone after waiting 56 minutes on hold.  Good grief, I say!

Lesson learned … Don’t use PayPal to set up website hosting.  

If I had used my credit card, the verification wouldn’t have been required.  I guess you learn as you go.

Well, that’s the struggle of a new blogger!  I’ll be back!


Hello world!

Hi there.  Welcome to my website called the Gale Guia Blog!  This is my first blog post!  I cannot wait to share my adventures and add in some humor, here and there.  I’m a world traveler and very outgoing, so I’m sure that I’ll have a ton of stuff to share!  Thanks for joining me on this adventure and check back often for new posts!